New technology improves bus riding experience for GoRaleigh mobility passengers

Oct. 1, 2020
The QUANTUM device is the first of its kind installed in a transit agency in North Carolina.

A new type of mobility securement system has been installed in the GoRaleigh fleet.

GoRaleigh says the QUANTUM device is the first of its kind installed in a transit agency in North Carolina. The system is a fully automatic rear-facing securement system that allows mobility passengers to secure themselves on the bus, with a push of the button. The design allows passengers with accessibility requirements to experience the same seamless boarding and alighting experience of other passengers – without requiring the direct physical assistance of someone else.

The system enhances safety for passengers, providing greater head and neck protection that automatically readjusts to keep mobility devices completely secure at all times. It’s also faster, saving up to four minutes at each passenger boarding by eliminating operator assistance and the standard manual four-point strap system, according to the agency.

The QUANTUM system includes:

  • Contact free mobility device securement – passengers secure themselves, reducing the spread of person to person viruses;
  • Social inclusion at a safe distance for passengers and operators;
  • Independence for mobility passengers; and
  • Time saving technology that keeps everyone moving on schedule. 

“QUANTUM is an outstanding system for passengers as well as our transit operations,” said GoRaleigh General Manager Marie Parker. “It improves the safety for our customers and provides better schedule adherence. Adopting this safety innovation is an amazing opportunity for us and we are so excited to be the first transit agency in the state to install this system.”

In 2021, GoRaleigh says it anticipates having the safety technology installed on six buses and has plans moving forward to expand that number.