DART to install COVID-19 shields on all buses

June 16, 2020
The agency says 75 percent of the bus fleet currently has shields installed and aims to complete installation on the entire fleet by July 1.

A total of 511 respiratory droplet shields have been installed throughout the Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) bus fleet since mid-March to help protect operators and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designed by DART Engineering, with collaboration with Fleet Maintenance and Bus Operations teams, the CV-19 Plexiglass Shields are made of high-impact plexiglass and are being installed between the operator and passengers. The new shield leverages DART's initial investment of the operator barrier door by expanding a shield forward towards the windshield and upward towards the ceiling. The shields are in addition to enhanced cleaning procedures for both buses and trains to protect passengers and bus operators.

DART began installing the shields as a safety measure to protect operators who continue to provide essential transportation services to riders and businesses, serving as a lifeline for communities and residents across the DART service area.

Shields are currently available on 75 percent of the DART bus fleet, with the goal of full installation on the entire fleet of more than 600 buses before July 1.