City of Baltimore Creates Connected City with VidSys

Sept. 20, 2011
Physical security information management (PSIM) software enabled interagency collaboration for city-wide situation awareness during Baltimore Grand Prix, earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

VidSys, a provider of physical security information management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, announced that the city of Baltimore leveraged the VidSys PSIM software to enable inter-agency collaboration for city-wide situation awareness in order to better protect citizens, businesses and first responders. Used during the Baltimore Grand Prix, the recent earthquake and Hurricane Irene, the VidSys technology enabled the city to collaborate and share resources with 20 city, state, federal and private agencies in real-time in order to monitor for, respond to and manage potential security threats and safety and transportation issues throughout the Inner Harbor and downtown areas.

By integrating, correlating and analyzing data from the city's multiple systems and devices, as well as the data from the more than 10 state, city, federal and private collaborating agencies, the VidSys PSIM software enables the city of Baltimore to more easily distribute information to decision makers and collaborate in real time for improved situation management. Providing one common operating picture, VidSys' technology provides operators across multiple command centers complete area visibility, enabling them to identify hot spots and prioritize resources as situations arise throughout Baltimore.

"The VidSys PSIM software enabled us to enhance public safety and transportation efforts throughout Baltimore city through an unprecedented level of coordination and collaboration by sharing existing resources," said Sheryl Goldstein, director of the Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice "One complete view of unfolding situations allowed our first responders from multiple agencies to more quickly and efficiently identify and verify situations and work with each other for a faster, more coordinated response."

While the city of Baltimore began working with the VidSys PSIM software in preparation for the Baltimore Grand Prix in order to best manage the high volume of activity expected during the race and related events, the city first used the technology to manage responses during and after the earthquake and Hurricane Irene. As a result, the city was able to dispatch officers based on real-time location to ensure the most rapid response to unfolding situations and view congestion points around the city based on real-time traffic information in order to re-route cars to minimize back-ups.

"The city of Baltimore is truly becoming a connected city by enabling tight coordination and collaboration across jurisdictions and organizations in order to better manage and respond to situations as they unfold," said Chuck Teubner, CEO, VidSys. "They serve as a leading example for other cities throughout the country looking for proactive ways to improve the safety of the public, the first responders and businesses while also reducing risks and operational costs."