Laketran highlights safety initiatives through Ride Easy Ohio campaign

Nov. 11, 2020
The campaign highlights safety initiatives to uphold public transportation as a safe and viable option.

Laketran is joining with the Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA) to launch the Ride Easy Ohio campaign in an effort to highlight safety initiatives as COVID-19 cases continue to escalate

The campaign highlights safety initiatives to uphold public transportation as a safe and viable option, even in the midst of the pandemic. Best practices include wearing facial coverings, practicing social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing vehicles and facilities, practicing safe hygiene and employee self-monitoring.

“We want people to know that public transit is a safe place to be. As far as we know, there have been no cases transmitted on-board our buses to date and in a recent survey of our busiest route 98 percent of our customers said they felt safe riding Laketran,” said Laketran CEO Ben Capelle. “Keeping public transit safe is a mutual commitment between us and our riders. We provide free masks and hand sanitizer on-board, limit our seating to six feet apart and continue to sanitize our buses daily. We ask that our riders self-monitor, practice safe hygiene and please don’t take transit if you are sick.”

Laketran has also joined the American Public Transportation Association’s Health and Safety Commitments Program and pledged to meet national standards alongside over 175 transit systems nationwide.

Laketran is committed to five safety protocols:

  • Following public health guidelines from official sources.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting transit vehicles daily and requiring face coverings and other protections.
  • Practicing social distancing by monitoring passenger loads and capacities.
  • Keeping passengers informed and empowered to choose the safest ways to travel and pay their fare.
  • Putting health first by requiring riders and employees to avoid public transit if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or feel ill.

“Laketran is pleased to be a part of Ride Easy Ohio and the national effort to bring awareness to safety initiatives that keep public transit as a viable option during these unprecedented times,” continued Capelle. “An increasing number of riders are using Laketran for their essential trips. We encourage you to join them. Be assured we are taking every precaution possible to make your ride safe.”