First Transit launches Safe Wheels program

Sept. 27, 2019
First Transit has already replaced 15 mobility aid devices.

First Transit announced its rolling out the Safe Wheels Program, a program designed to improve safety for passengers utilizing a mobility aid device by providing a replacement for a passenger in the case their device may need repair.

The Safe Wheels Program provides a process for First Transit’s more than 12,000 drivers across North America to identify and evaluate the replacement of a mobility aid device. Drivers can submit a nomination form on behalf of a passenger; the form is sent to the local safety team for review. Upon approval, the passenger receives a new base model wheelchair at no cost.

“The First Transit Safe Wheels Program allows our drivers to look beyond the bus to the mobility aid devices used by passengers,” said Paul Meredith, senior director of safety for First Transit. “Safe Wheels for our passengers mean safety for everyone.”

First Transit provides paratransit services to more than 8 million passengers and call center support for nearly 10 million trips annually. In a soft launch of the First Transit Safe Wheels Program, 15 mobility aid devices were replaced.