Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority launches Ride with Respect campaign

Ride With Respect

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) launched its new rider awareness campaign, Ride with Respect, promoting positive on-board experiences for both operators and customers.

The campaign targets customers, operators and the community. It consists of education of the safety and security rules, riding etiquette, operator customer service training and a social media campaign aimed to elevate the transit operator position to the level of first responders - police, fire rescue, etc.

"Every day, more than 300 transit professionals and 34,000 customers share a space on HART buses, vans and streetcars," said HART CEO Benjamin Limmer. "We hope launching the Ride with Respect campaign helps maintain a safe, respectful and courteous environment on board our vehicles."

Central to the Ride with Respect campaign is a series of emotional short vignettes following HART operators throughout their day, displaying family interactions, hobbies, devotions, etc. to help customers and the general public better connect with HART staff.

"Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1593 is glad to see this community-based campaign, especially featuring ATU Local 1593 Union Members/HART professional operators," said Curtis Howard, ATU International Vice President. "The ATU will continue to partner with HART, Hillsborough County and the rest of the communities we serve. [We] would like to thank the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for assisting HART operators with de-escalation training and would especially like to than every HART Operator for their dedication, commitment, and professionalism as they executive 34,000 daily trips for Hillsborough County."

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