Leading Transit Operator RATP Dev USA Deploys SmartDrive Video Program to Bolster Safety Across Transportation Agencies

Sept. 21, 2018
SmartDrive Systems and RATP Dev USA has announced that RATP Dev USA has deployed the SmartDrive program to improve safety in agencies and support drive2zero, RATP Dev’s safety management system.

SmartDrive Systems and RATP Dev USA has announced that RATP Dev USA has deployed the SmartDrive program to improve safety in agencies and support drive2zero, RATP Dev’s safety management system. RATP Dev USA selected the SmartDrive fully managed solution following a review of competitive systems, citing the quality of events captured, the value delivered by the subsequent analysis of those events, easy-to-use program dashboards and key performance indicators. These program features and benefits allow agency management to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

RATP Dev USA transports more than 78 million passengers across the United States and operates a wide range of transportation services including, bus, urban or intercity rail lines, streetcar, and shuttle services. After a competitive review and impressed by the superior quality of SmartDrive Systems’ services, RATP Dev USA immediately saw the benefits of the SmartDrive program and did not need to pilot. They elected to immediately begin to deploy the video-based safety and analytics solution across contracted agencies in support of its drive2Zero initiative, as well as ensure adherence with the requirements of the Federal Transit Administration’s Safety Management System (SMS).

“We appreciate SmartDrive’s ability to quickly and efficiently identify coaching opportunities for us, which has enabled us to improve safety throughout our fleet,” explained Michael Anderson, vice president of safety and security at RATP Dev USA. “The program allows us to proactively reduce incidents while allowing us to engage our operators so they understand where they can improve performance.”

With a strong emphasis on coaching, the SmartDrive program reinforces RATP Dev USA’s “just culture” approach, which aims to help operators improve fleet safety and operational efficiency by ensuring drivers, supervisors and managers learn from their mistakes and feel comfortable and confident in reporting safety-related incidents. As a result of effective coaching, RATP Dev USA has successfully improved its SmartDrive Safety Score by 79 percent and reduced risk throughout its fleet.

“SmartDrive is the golden nugget of our safety solution,” commented Anderson. “Telematics may provide the ‘what,’ but the SmartDrive program provides the ‘why.’ Although you need to know what happened, it’s critical to understand why an event has occurred so you can coach your drivers or praise them for a job well done.”

A culture of safety is critical to RATP Dev USA’s entire operation, with safety controls built into every aspect of the business. drive2Zero is the company’s premiere program for building a sound safety culture and is comprised of four crucial components: safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. In addition to reducing risk by identifying coaching opportunities and preventing incidents, the SmartDrive program also provides the data necessary to ensure SMS compliance.

“Our drive2Zero solution provides the framework that drives our sound safety culture,” continued Anderson. “We feel confident that SmartDrive will provide the data necessary to help us measure the effectiveness of our efforts necessary for the Safety Assurance pillar of SMS for all of our agencies. This is particularly important as SMS becomes mandated by the FTA in 2019.”

Noting that the SmartDrive program also provides necessary contextual evidence to exonerate a driver wrongly accused in an accident, Patrick Manley, director of safety and security at RATP Dev USA, added, “Nothing else tells a better story than video. Video immediately exonerates a misunderstood situation and turns grey areas into black and white.”

“RATP Dev USA embodies the type of company safety culture we champion at SmartDrive, and the company’s decision aligns closely with other transit agencies’ reasons for adopting our video safety program—the need to provide a great ride for passengers while protecting their safety and ensuring regulatory compliance,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “The managed service approach, coupled with triggered events, provides RATP Dev USA immediate insights to proactively mitigate risky driving. We look forward to continuing to work side by side with Michael and his team to drive best-in-class safety practices.”