United States Transit Funding Inc. Statement On Recent Terror Attacks & Preparedness For The Transport Industry

Nov. 16, 2015

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November 16th, 2015
Barry Lewis, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
(712) 221-4095

In consideration of the recent global terror attacks in Paris, France, and Beirut, Lebanon, the purported terror attack aboard Egypt’s Metrojet Flight 9268, and other recent attacks across the globe, United States Transit Funding Inc. and the leadership team at ePassenger and iPassenger is issuing the following statement and advisory for the domestic passenger-carrier transportation and transit industry.

“On behalf of United States Transit Funding Inc. and its team, we are genuinely concerned regarding the latest wave of terror attacks in Europe and the Middle East,” Barry Lewis, chief executive officer
of United States Transit Funding Inc., ePassenger and iPassenger. “Specifically, we have concerns regarding the level, specificity, and tactics being utilized in Europe and how that may translate in the United States, because of the continued utilization of ‘soft targets.'

“The team at United States Transit Funding Inc., ePassenger and iPassenger is continuing to focus our multi-dimensional effort to address security gaps across the entire passenger-carrier transportation industry on a domestic level and we will continue to take all of the necessary steps to ensure that we do our level best so that your company is funded, planned and prepared to mitigate any threat in concert
with our work with our technology product lines as well as with partnering law enforcement agencies.

"Our continued work is on the basis of confirmations this past weekend from former CIA counterintelligence analyst Bob Baer, who works for CNN, who stated that he has been briefed regarding security risks involving ISIS cells within the United States as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s belief that there is an ISIS cell in each of the 50 states.” (Source: http://abc7chicago.com/news/isis-present-in-all-50-states-fbi-director says/534732/)

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the victims in Paris, France, the recent events on the last set of international terror threats involving air carrier flights and those that have endured felonious acts of violence.” 

“We are living in a time of increasing threats and acts of violence where our industry can and hopefully become even more prepared in mitigating and preventing a terror event and acts of violence on any form of passenger carrier property, like a bus or a train. It has been and will continue to be our goal to help the passenger-carrier industry ensure that they are not subject to a domestic terror attack since this industry has been and continues to be a soft target, no different than the historical attacks on the passenger-carrier industry in Europe and Middle East.”

We are advising the general public and the passenger-carrier transportation and transit industry, if they see any suspicious behavior or acts, to take a number of steps of which may include the following:

  1. Immediately Dial 911 and report the suspicious behavior to law enforcement
  2. If You “See Something, Say Something” - contact Law Enforcement or a Company Representative Immediately
  3. If You See a Suspicious Package, Do Not Touch It and Immediately Report It and Its Location To Law Enforcement or a Company Representative
  4. Utilize our iPassenger mobile app through our Contact Us function to report any suspicious activity or act and we will immediately report it to a company official and to law enforcement in concert with our strategic relationship with the United States Department of Homeland Security — Reference: United States Transit Funding Inc. Announces Memorandum of Understanding with United States Department of Homeland Security 

“As a veteran of the Gulf War and as someone who witnessed the tragic events of 9/11 while in Boston, it is our obligation to help protect passenger and public safety. God Bless America,” Lewis concluded.