Terrorist Threat Detection Automated by Thermal Matrix ACT2 System

Nov. 10, 2011
This proven technology is designed to give security forces, both here and abroad, a versatile and automated means to protect themselves, as well as innocent civilians.

Responding to increased levels of threats by terrorists with concealed weapons and explosives, Thermal Matrix International (TMI) announces the release of a new and advanced version of its concealed object detection system, ACT2. This proven technology is designed to give security forces, both here and abroad, a versatile and automated means to protect themselves, as well as innocent civilians.

TMI is a world leader in technology that provides advance warning of threatening subjects, specializing in products that can protect against PBIED (person-borne improvised explosive device) attacks, such as a suicide bomber. Enhancing the power of sophisticated sensors, the Thermal Matrix ACT System is able to provide security forces with an extra layer of detection, allowing them to see what a suicide bomber or assailant is hiding beneath their clothing, long before he or she reaches the intended target. It does all of this without any invasion of privacy concerns.

"ACT's ability to provide real-time, standoff detection of concealed object threats, including plastic, liquid, powder and gel explosives, is already unequaled in the industry," said Fernando Faria, TMI's president and COO. "ACT2 incorporates all of those capabilities, and improves upon them by providing greater detection, multiple views, and new features making it easier to spot a terrorist before he can strike."

Among the new capabilities of ACT2 is its ability to project up to four real-time imagers on a single display screen. Quad-view provides maximum flexibility to security forces, allowing for simultaneous front and back views of subjects being screened for concealed objects. "An operator will now be able to spot a potential concealed threat object, by its shape and location on the subject's body; a live side-by-side camera view will provide immediate confirmation of what the suspect looks like and is wearing, ensuring immediate intervention," said Bill Reinpoldt, TMI's director of technology. "ACT2 also provides on-the-fly single and dual view modes to instantly switch views, or a single or dual view dependant on each operations particular circumstance.

This new technology also transforms the graphic user interface (GUI) to accommodate a wider range of displays, beginning with the standard 10-inch display on the ToughBook laptop computer. It will also accommodate the flat panel displays 19 inches and larger. It features a total of seven display options, including picture-in-a-picture.

ACT2 also improves detection effectiveness with instant responsiveness, improved video enhancement, and "red box detection" highlighting identified suspects on the operator screen who may be concealing weapons or explosives.

"The operator always has a view of the anomalies on a subject's body, just as they did with our original ACT system," Reinpoldt said. "ACT2 adds to the ease of use by automatically drawing a red box around those detected as a persistent threat and a green box around those not demonstrating a threat. In addition, an audible alarm can also be activated to sound whenever a red box appears. This level of automation increases the accuracy and duration of an operator's ability to screen multiple subjects over extended periods of time."

ACT2 retains all of the features that made ACT a superior technology for threat detection, including portability and ease of set up, real-time standoff detection, and single operator use.

More information on Thermal Matrix and the ACT2 Suicide Bomb Detection System can be found at www.thermalmatrixusa.net.