NCTD releases modified Del Mar Bluffs fencing visuals

Oct. 18, 2021
The modified plan visuals help communicate the plan to preserve the safety focus of the project while incorporating community input.

The North County Transit District (NCTD) released a visual analysis and mapping for proposed fencing along the Del Mar bluffs on Oct. 15. The visual analysis and mapping illustrates the difference between the height and type of fencing of the original plan, which called for a six-foot chain link fence and several modified versions meant to maintain rail safety and reduce trespassing on the rail right-of-way, while balancing the community input to preserve beach access and safety pedestrian walkways.

NCTD, along with the California Coastal Commission and the city of Del Mar, Calif., have formed a working group that will evaluate fencing options and work toward a final preferred approach. The visual analysis was conducted by CivilPros (a DBA of RailPros Holdings, LLC) and will help determine what if any additional refinements are needed for the proposed fencing project.

“NCTD remains committed to working with the Coastal Commission and the city of Del Mar to develop a community-sensitive solution for the bluffs that promotes rail safety and ensures reliability, while also providing safe and legal beach access and use of the trails on the upper bluff,” said Matthew O. Tucker, NCTD’s executive director. “The modified project shown in the mapping and visual analysis reflects public and stakeholder input. This analysis is one part of our effort to ensure a collaborative, constructive and transparent process.”

Safety is at the core of NCTD’s Railway Safety Enhancement Project with the transit district describing the project as installing fencing along three targeted NCTD service locations to minimize injuries and fatalities that occur by trespassing rail right-of-way. The modified plans reduce the proposed length of fencing nearly 47 percent - from 12,960 linear feet to 6,876 linear feet – and reduces the fence height from six feet to four feet along 3,163 linear feet. Additionally, the modified plan includes more visually appealing post and cable fencing along 2,933 linear feet.

NCTD reiterated its commitment to collaborating with the Coastal Commission and the city of Del Mar through the working group to achieve a solution for the Del Mar bluffs that supports rail safety and operations and preserves coastal access. The working group, which was formed through an agreement between the three agencies, is scheduled to complete its work by Dec. 31, 2021.

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