September/October Product Feature: Safety & Security

Sept. 6, 2016

Axis Communications

Axis Q1615 Mk II and AXIS Q1615-E Mk II

The indoor AXIS Q1615 Mk II and the outdoor Axis Q1615-E Mk II are the first IP cameras with an intelligent i-CS lens, which can directly exchange information with the camera via open protocol. This allows for an easier setup of electronic image stabilization (EIS) and barrel distortion correction (BDC), reducing the time needed for setup and cutting down difficulty related to installation. The solution’s feature scene profiles enable the installer to select between traffic overview, forensic or live profile and provides HDTV 1080p video at frame rates of up to 50/60 fps or HDTV 720p video at frame rates of up to 100/120 fps.

Kelley Flynn, [email protected]



Quantum is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station. It is redefining transit safety by combining securement expertise, intelligent technology and the latest in modern industrial design. Quantum enables wheelchair and scooter passengers to secure themselves with the simple push of a button. The entire securement process takes less than 25 seconds — without requiring driver assistance. Providing enhanced head and neck protection, it is proven to be one of the safest securement solutions available.

Jim Reaume, [email protected]

AMF-Bruns of America

Smartfloor Hide-Away

Transit systems have been challenged to find securement systems flexible in accommodating both wheelchair and non-wheelchair passengers. The solution: AMF Brun’s Smartfloor Hide-A-Way wheelchair securement system. The Smartfloor Hide-A-Way is the industry’s only wheelchair securement system in which the retractors are fully-integrated into the floor — freeing up valuable floor space and increasing passenger capacity. Passenger seats, which fold up, can be installed directly over the concealed retractor system. The product meets ISO 10542 safety requirements.

Rick Iacoboni, [email protected]

Vapor Bus International

Bus Operator Protection Door

Vapor’s new Operator Protection Door includes features that address bus operator safety and comfort. A large, contoured, laminated safety glass is contoured to allow direct visibility to mirrors, and the door includes two, integrated electric fans for optimal air circulation in the cockpit area. An electrically operated window allows for increased air flow and ventilation, and permits operator/passenger interaction. A heavy-duty, dovetail door lock mechanism maintains positive contact to eliminate rattle. The door is custom designed for each vehicle for exact fit. 

Bill Urian [email protected]


Tether Track Swing Arm System

The Tether Track Swing Arm Fall Arrest System from Gorbel provides circular or semi-circular fall protection with a compact footprint. Versatile and infinitely variable, simply position the swing arm over the work space and swing it out of the way when not in use.

Rob Beightol, [email protected]

Firetrace International

Firetrace 22.5lbs Horizontal Cylinder

Firetrace International products are well regarded for their simplicity, and widely known for carrying the lowest maintenance burden of any fire suppression system. Firetrace International has introduced its horizontal ABC dry chemical system. Offering all of the reliability and ease of maintenance that users have come to expect and value from Firetrace, this 22.5lb horizontal cylinder is ideal for spaces that aren’t able to accommodate a vertical system. 

Scott Starr, [email protected]

Protran Technology, A Harsco Rail Company

Callisto Track Geometry Inspection Suite

The Callisto Track Geometry Inspection Suite is a line of aftermarket track geometry measurement systems which can be applied to a number of different applications including tamping, track inspections, and absolute geometry modifications. For tamping and track inspections, Callisto incorporates an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a laser/camera based gage reference system, and GPS to accurately locate and measure the standard track geometry of the track. Callisto — ProTamp is a non-contact inertial track geometry measurement system integrated with the tamper to provide high-speed recording, curve design analysis, and automated tamping to achieve track geometry design. Callisto – HyRail is a precise economic system for HyRail vehicles to provide track geometry inspection. Callisto — Absolute allows for the seamless integration of absolute geometry measurements from a survey instrument to place track in a precise location.

Joseph W. Palese, MCE, P.E., [email protected]


Zonar 2020

Zonar’s 2020 mobile communications tablet is a versatile mobile telematics device. The device, which works inside and out of a vehicle, makes dispatch-to-driver communication easier to manage with verified electronic inspections, hours-of-service logs, driving performance feedback, turn-by-turn navigation and two-way and forms-based messaging. The 2020 helps operators connect to what’s important while focusing on what matters the most. Fleets can automate common processes, maximize operational value and improve driving efficiency with the 2020 and its apps for improved safety, compliance and performance.