BROOKVILLE delivers first of five Liberty NXT light-rail vehicle to Sound Transit’s Tacoma Link

March 23, 2022
Deliveries of the Liberty® NXT LRVs will continue through 2022 in preparation for the opening of the Tacoma Link extension.

The first of five all new BROOKVILLE Liberty® NXT light-rail vehicles (LRV) have been delivered to Sound Transit for its Tacoma Link system. 

The new LRVs will support the 2.4-mile Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension of the current 1.6-mile Tacoma Link line, slated to open in 2023.  

The 66-foot vehicles are part of a $26.5 million contract for the design and build of the five LRVs for the extension. The Liberty® NXT LRVs will expand the service from the Theater District to popular destinations such as the Stadium District, Wright Park and major medical facilities before reaching the Hilltop neighborhood.  

The Sound Transit Tacoma Link LRVs will include an eight-foot-wide car body with seating for up to 26 passengers, including four accessibility seats for passengers with bikes, wheelchairs and the ability to comfortably transport more than 100 passengers. The new fleet will be ADA compliant with deployable bridge plates for easy boarding and roughly 68.570 percent low-floor available standing area.  

“I am just so proud of the BROOKVILLE team in seeing the great vehicles we are sending to Tacoma, Washington,” said BROOKVILLE Vice President of Business Development Joel McNeil. “The success of this project is a direct result of professionalism from the Sound Transit team and partnership which has been established. We cannot wait to see the opening of the Hilltop Extension.”  

BROOKVILLE will continue the manufacturing of the remaining four vehicles for the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension. Deliveries of the Liberty® NXT LRVs will continue through 2022 in preparation for the opening.