Metro Transit light-rail vehicles have been retrofitted with Wi-Tronix connected diagnostics system

Sept. 3, 2021
Fleet availability is expected to improve with the installation of the next generation of technology.

Minnesota’s largest transit system, Metro Transit, retrofitted its Bombardier light-rail vehicles (LRV) with the Wi-Tronix Violet Edge IoT platform and Connected Diagnostics System, including Train Operator Display (TOD). With the new system, Metro Transit, which serves riders in the Twin Cities, will improve fleet availability by replacing an obsolete Monitoring Diagnostic System (MDS). Introducing the next generation of technology will simplify maintenance and reduce transit delays while enhancing the customer experience.

Each vehicle on the fleet has two modern TODs installed that provide a real-time view of pertinent information to the operator on the train concerning conditions that affect the immediate operation of the train. In addition, the TOD provides maintenance personnel detailed diagnostic insights to rapidly troubleshoot and repair the vehicle in the maintenance facility.

The Wi-Tronix Violet Edge and Connected Diagnostics System uniquely provide remote visibility to the operator display exactly as the operator sees it in real-time. This includes the ability to navigate to screens independently from the operator to enable accurate remote guidance, troubleshooting, and repair. It optimizes communication with the operator and rapidly resolves maintenance issues.

With a remote “live look-in,” fault codes are visible prior to the vehicle arriving for maintenance. Troubleshooting of vehicle problems begins earlier resulting in rapid issue resolution without the need to use external test equipment. This capability helps Metro Transit quickly get vehicles back in service, minimize customer disruption and improve their on-time performance.

“The mission of Wi-Tronix is to improve operational efficiency, service reliability and safety of the rail transportation. Wi-Tronix has been successfully implementing its mission for over 15 years on freight and passenger locomotives. With our customer Metro Transit, we are proud to expand our expertise to the light rail transportation” said Wi-Tronix President and CTO Larry Jordan. “We are committed to supporting Metro Transit with a cost-effective use of taxpayer money for service and safety improvements.”