Calgary Green Line showcases mock-ups of LRVs

Dec. 9, 2022
The Urbos 100 mock-up will allow technical requirements to be validated and the operator’s cab will be used as a training simulator.

In late November, the Calgary Green Line Light-Rail Transit (LRT) Project received a mock-up of its future vehicles, which are being built by CAF.

The mock-up LRV is approximately 12 meters (39.3 feet) in length and weighs 12,000 kg (26,455 pounds), which is about a quarter of the LRV’s actual length and 20 percent of its actual weight. The mock-up is constructed primarily of steel, wood and plastic and includes a combination of real and simulated components representative of the actual LRV.

The mock-up will allow project staff to validate the Green Line’s technical requirements and ensure the vehicle is accessible to customers of all abilities. CAF designed the operator’s cab to split from the remainder of the mock-up for use as a training simulator for future operators of the line’s vehicles.

In November 2021, Calgary awarded a contract to CAF to supply 28 modern, low floor Urbos 100 vehicles for the project, which Calgary explains will improve accessibility, reduce station footprint and enhance safety for pedestrians and vehicles. The contract includes tools and support for operating and maintaining the new fleet and includes an option to procure additional vehicles for future phases of the Green Line project.

“From a technical perspective, the Urbos 100 LRV has met all of our requirements in a service proven platform,” notes Green Line’s LRV Systems and Systems Integration Manager Shakti Sarai. “It represents a combination of the best lessons learned from 41 years of Calgary Transit LRV operation and 20 years of CAF refining the Urbos LRV.”

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