Valley Metro puts first S700 LRV into service

Jan. 11, 2022
The new fleet will be tested and incrementally introduced into service in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa.

Valley Metro placed the first of its new S700 light-rail vehicles into service in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, Ariz., Jan. 10. The new fleet from Siemens Mobility out of its Sacramento, Calif., plant will be tested and gradually enter revenue service.

Seven of the 11 S700 vehicles ordered from Siemens Mobility have been delivered, with three of those ready for revenue service this week. Manufacturing of Valley Metro’s most recent 14 car order placed in 2020 will start early next year, which when completed, will bring Valley Metro’s total number of Siemens Mobility vehicles to 25.

The new vehicles will operate on the Valley Metro’s 28-mile system between Northwest Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, connecting riders to jobs, education and entertainment. Valley Metro and Siemens explain the vehicles are designed to provide a state-of-the-art and seamless passenger experience.

“This vehicle was designed with passengers top of mind,” said Michael Cahill, president of Siemens Mobility in North America. “Together with Valley Metro, we’ve created an LRV that is both safe and convenient while providing the ultimate passenger experience to metro Phoenix riders.”

Each car incorporates four bicycle racks and utilizes a passenger information system, which includes CCTV, to keep operators informed of real-time monitoring of occupancy levels, passenger flow and safety-related incidents. Exterior safety features include a new front-end bumper designed to minimize collision impact and limit damage to the vehicle.

The S700 light-rail vehicles for Valley Metro required Siemens to consider the extreme climate conditions of the region and incorporate design adjustments that increase vehicle reliability and comfort (including heavy-duty air conditioning systems) while combating sun, heat and dust.

The new cars for Valley Metro also include a wheel flange lubrication system to reduce wheel-noise when passing through track curves.

“On behalf of the 4,000 Siemens Mobility employees in the U.S, we are proud to partner with Valley Metro as we create an LRV made for the riders and desert temperatures,” said Cahill.

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