July/August Product Feature: Vehicle Exteriors

Aug. 10, 2017
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The SENCITY Rail is the omnidirectional railway roof-top antenna family for all types of trains. Designed to meet the special requirements of railway applications including high-current and high voltage protection. Huber+Suhner offers antennas for the complete range of communication standards between 380 MHz and 6 GHz. This includes the support of the new L-band (1427-1528 MHz) and C-band (3.4-3.6 GHz) for higher downlink capacity.

Furthermore, the SENCITY Rail antennas are already prepared to service future frequency extensions without the need of retrofitting.

Axel Vega, [email protected]


CAPTRON Electronic GmbH

Electronic Door Opening Buttons for Glass Mounting

CAPTRON offers manufacturers the perfect solution for fast and cost-effective assembly in the interior and exterior areas of buses and railway vehicles.

Modern door opening buttons open up new prospects for car manufacturers of public and private passenger transport. Thanks to their capacitive operating principle, CAPTRON's electronic door openers (SENSORswitch) allow one-sided or two-sided operation through glass from the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Gluing instead of screwing is the motto of the sensor manufacturer CAPTRON. For mounting without drilling, the SENSORswitches are glued on or behind glass using a high-strength industrial adhesive tape.

Mathias Krostewitz, Michael Slugocki, [email protected]


 Wheel-Check Safety Inc.


Wheel-Check, can identify a loose wheel nut with a simple visual inspection. When the wheel nuts are properly torqued to specs, the Wheel-Checks are then placed on the wheel nuts in a uniformed pattern. Once a wheel-nut has loosened, the Wheel-Check will become out of sequence. It will be visible when the driver does their walk around check and it is the driver’s responsibility to call maintenance and have the wheel thoroughly serviced.

Wheel-Checks are also heat sensitive. If there is a binding brake or seized bearing, the heat is transferred through the stud and nut.Once the temperature exceeds 120º C (248º F), the Wheel-Check will start to blister around the circumference and eventually start to distort. A wheel bearing failure can have grave consequences if it occurs while driving at highway speeds and the vehicle loses a wheel. This is why the wheel bearings should always be inspected. A driver will be required to go to maintenance and have a thorough assessment on the problem wheel.

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