Réseau express métropolitain unveils official station names

Feb. 14, 2020
Eight station names have been changed to better integrate them into the metropolitan transport grid.

The official names of Réseau express métropolitain’s (REM) 25 stations have been unveiled for its 67-kilometer (41.6 miles) network across the greater Montréal area.

After a rigorous process establishing toponomy of the REM network, eight stations changed names to be better integrated into the metropolitan transport grid. A joint announcement concerning the Griffintown station will be made later with the city of Montréal.

With assistance from experts in the field, guiding principles were established for the entire network:

For existing service points (stations or terminals) that are directly connected to the REM or converted by the REM, it maintained the existing names so as not to create confusion in landmarks for users.

For new REM service points, it used the geolocation of stations (intersections or city names) so that network users can quickly recognize their location.

Avoid copying station or bus terminal names from existing networks that will not be connected to the REM.

Cities and partners were also consulted during this process.

The official toponymy of the REM network is as follows: