Virgin Trains USA celebrates one million ride mark

Aug. 6, 2019

Virgin Trains USA, formerly Brightline, has reached one million riders after starting service in January 2018.

Riders can access south Florida on Virgin Trains USA, with stops in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Riders use the service for both business and leisure. Among the business riders, the legal industry leads the charge in terms of total rides, followed by real estate, technology, hospitality and finance.

“This milestone shows the demand for new ways to travel and the need for greater connectivity in south Florida and other areas of the country,” said Virgin Trains USA President Patrick Goddard. “While we're still in the adoption phase, our inaugural year showed great promise and tremendous opportunity to reinvent passenger rail in America.”

One million rides not only delivered significant time and cost savings to passengers this past year but also a positive sustainable environmental and economic impact to the communities where Virgin Trains USA currently operates. From 2018 to 2019, one million rides roughly translated to:

• 400,000 less car trips on the road (average party size of 2.5 passengers);

• Reduction of 15 million pounds of CO2 emissions;

• 750,000 less fuel gallons on the road, representing roughly $2 million in savings; and

• Cumulative time savings of 76 years (each passenger saved an average of 40 minutes by choosing rail over highway).

Virgin Trains USA initiated service in January 2018 and full service between all three stations launched in May 2018. The company has experienced a steady ramp up in ridership comparable to other passenger rail lines around the world, according to Virgin Trains USA.