What Began with the Siemens Mobility Rail Mall is Today the “Easy Spares Marketplace” – Powered by Rail Mall

Nov. 8, 2018
At Innotrans 2018, the world's most important trade fair for rail transport technology, Siemens Mobility GmbH presented the new B2B marketplace for the first time.

The megatrend of digitalization does not stop at the rails either. Siemens Mobility is enabling mobility operators around the world to make their infrastructure intelligent, ensure sustainable value enhancement over the entire lifecycle, improve passenger comfort and guarantee availability. Siemens Mobility is currently introducing a major digitization product: the new Easy Spares Marketplace.

Through its partnership with Mirakl, a leading global provider of marketplace solutions, Siemens Mobility is the first provider in this environment to transform its online offering into a highly scalable one-stop shop for all material requirements in the mobility industry - from trains and infrastructure components to locomotives. By expanding the portfolio to include products from other vendors, it will be possible to make the customer's shopping experience noticeably easier.

The starting shot of the Easy Spares Marketplace was launched by Siemens Mobility at this year's InnoTrans, the world's largest trade fair for transportation technology, which took place in Berlin from September 18 to 21. There, the solution was presented live to customers from all over the world for the first time. The previous Rail Mall was launched in 2000 and was further developed into the current Easy Spares Marketplace, which now offers a very wide range of products to help customers to solve numerous material problems. In addition to the core products, the customer also needs complementary items such as screws, light bulbs, glass, oil, tools and equipment. With the introduction of a marketplace, the company can offer a much broader product range through the seamless integration of external partners and thus increase the quality of its range and services.

"The name is program and strategy at the same time, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers," explained Michael Bitsch, head of eBusiness at Siemens Mobility. "The Easy Spares Marketplace enables our customers to access the entire spare parts portfolio via one sales channel. This saves time and money! By using the Mirakl platform, we have opted for a highly scalable solution in order to be able to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing market in the future.

In an initial phase, the marketplace will include more than 32,000 products in addition to the established Siemens products. The number of products and sellers will increase rapidly in the coming months. The focus will be on offering customers a broad spectrum of mobility products and integrating trustworthy partners with high quality in the marketplace.

"Siemens Mobility is a recognized market leader and always sets the benchmarks in the industry," said Philippe Corrot, CEO of Mirakl. "The company has identified the fastest and most profitable way to scale the Rail Mall by using a marketplace. Mirakl is extremely proud to help Siemens Mobility better meet the needs of its customers. The Mirakl platform will enable Siemens to rapidly add new brands, expand its product range and address new markets. In the end, the customer will benefit with a better shopping experience."