Parsons Statement on Caltrain Contract

Feb. 28, 2017
The following statement was released by Erin Kuhlman corporate vice president, marketing & communications at Parsons on February 25, in regards to the Caltrain terminating Parsons's contract.

In the past month, Parsons has been working closely with the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (the “JPB”) to mutually agree upon the revised milestone and completion schedule proposed by the JPB in December 2016 for the Caltrain Communications Based Overlay Signal System. Unfortunately, despite Parsons’ willingness to commit to the schedule proposed by the JPB, the JPB has elected to terminate Parsons’ contract.

Parsons believes that it has been wrongfully terminated and that the JPB has no contractual or legal basis to consider Parsons in default of its contract. Parsons has provided the JPB with a detailed summary of the issues and events that that have caused previous schedule delays — all of which are outside of Parsons’ control and not caused by Parsons — and will take legal action against the JPB in order to protect its rights.


Parsons Corp.

July 22, 2009