Lilee Systems Expands Software Portfolio with its Key Management System for PTC

Aug. 30, 2016
Lilee Systems has announced the availability of its Key Management System, a solution created and successfully implemented by a Class I railroad that expands the Lilee portfolio of PTC software products.

Lilee Systems has announced the availability of its Key Management System, a solution created and successfully implemented by a Class I railroad that expands the Lilee portfolio of PTC software products. The Lilee Key Management System enables rail operators to fully comply with PTC key management and security requirements. With the acquisition of the Key Management System, Lilee is proud to have the first commercially available product in the market that can offer proven integration with the Lilee Systems Management Suite.

The Lilee Key Management System provides secure storage for cryptographic material used in PTC. The software includes a key server or key store and an interoperable Key Exchange Service (KES), as well as the required Interoperable Train Control (ITC) systems management asset registry. The Lilee Key Management System facilitates secure distribution of keys and certificates to the field where they are used by telecom, signal and mechanical technicians who install and maintain the equipment that uses these keys and certificates.

About the Lilee Key Management System (KMS):

  • Fully supports interoperability when coupled with Lilee’s Systems Management Suite (SMS), exceeding ITC systems management specification for KES.
  • Currently is use by a Class 1 railroad, the KMS offers an industry standard interface that can be used by back office servers (BOS) to obtain locomotive keys for both a railroad’s own and other road’s locomotives.
  • It is a comprehensive solution for management of Operational Private Keys (referred to as OPKs or HMAC keys) and X.509 certificates used for communication with remote PTC devices to authenticate messages and encrypt/decrypt for basic functions and management of system operation.
  • Helps signal engineering departments create and document wayside locations and distribute generated OPKs and certificates for installation in wayside and locomotive systems. Can also be used as the system of record for train crew PINs to log into the onboard during initialization.
  • Offers intuitive web interfaces for key server, locomotive and wayside certificates, locomotive OPK, WMS and LMS software images, and signal locations, an application program interface (API) that applications, such as the BOS, can use to obtain keys and certificates, and it is available as a virtual machine, on a back office appliance, or in a cloud environment. 

The Lilee Key Management System expands Lilee’s offering of software solutions for interoperable PTC, including the Lilee SMS, Wayside Status Tracking and Alert System, and locomotive and wayside software management agents. The Lilee SMS, now adopted by four Class I railroads, is the industry-leading solution for comprehensive device and systems management capability across the railroad, including capabilities necessary to manage wayside, locomotive, base station, and back office assets.