TSSS is part of the Denver Transit Partners, LLC (DTP) team, the RTD’s selected concessionaire owned by Fluor Enterprises, Inc., Denver Rail (Eagle) Holdings, Inc., and Aberdeen Infrastructure Investments (No 4) USA LLC, and is leading the system safety and security effort for the $2.2 billion Eagle P3 capital project. TSSS is responsible for ensuring the commuter rail network, which consists of three rail corridors, 36 miles of new track, 16 stations, and 56 vehicles, is certified to be safe and secure for revenue service.

“We are very pleased with the vigorous safety certification process that TSSS led,” stated Aaron Epstein, DTP’s executive project director and CEO. “Safety has always been our number one priority, and TSSS was critical in helping to lead the Eagle project to success, safely.”

Following the certification, Jean Claude Aurel, Jr., MPA, ASP, CSP, TSSP, WSO-CSSD, president and CEO exclaimed, “TSSS is proud to have been a member of the DTP, which has opened a safe and secure commuter rail system for the citizens of Denver. The rail system will provide a direct route to Denver Union Station and a link to the airport from Westminster. Greater options for the surrounding metropolitan area will create excellent opportunities for residents. TSSS is committed to mitigating risks and maximizing the safety of rail travel for all projects on which we have the pleasure of working or providing expertise."