USHSR Launches New National Initiative to Promote TOD

July 28, 2015

USHSR announced the launch of the Transit Oriented Development Institute - a national planning initiative to promote and accelerate the roll-out of walkable, mixed-use communities around rail stations.  

The institute will be working to increase the supply of new TODs and rail systems across America. The institute will be holding a series of national and local events bringing together business and political leaders with planners and experts to advance knowledge sharing and project deal making.

The institute will also be working to spread the ideas and lifestyles of transit oriented development to a wider audience helping to increase excitement across America for TOD.

The Transit Oriented Development Institute builds upon the extensive TOD work of others to help spread the word and promote the concept far and wide. The TOD Institute promotes increased TOD as well as high quality design standards that deliver the best results for the users, the community, the developers, and the rail systems.   

The first national conference of the TOD Institute takes place this October in Washington, D.C., the nation's TOD capital. Washington, D.C., leads the nation with the largest number and variety of successful TOD projects in place, with millions of square feet more under construction.

The conference will focus on successful projects, best practices, and the steps to get projects going both from a public and privateperspective. A number of project tours will be included in the conference for a first-hand look at exemplary successful projects.