LTK Engineering Services Announces New Regional Structure, Leaders

Feb. 19, 2015

LTK Engineering Services announced Feb. 19 that as of Jan. 1, it has reorganized geographically in order to better serve its North American clients.  Under the new structure, LTK’s operations in the United States and Canada will be managed through six regions:  Northeast, Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwest and Southwest. With its high concentration of clients, the Northeast Region has been further divided into six sub-regions.

“We’ve experienced strong growth over the past five years.  In order to sustain the level of close contact that our clients have come to expect from us, we needed to align our organizational structure with our larger size”, said George N. Dorshimer, president of LTK.  “Making our regional structure more fine-grained enables us to continue to be responsive to each of our clients.  We’re fortunate to have a strong team of leaders who are ready to take on these regional management responsibilities.”

The Northeast will continue to be led by Rick Landell, who has been promoted to senior vice president.  Reporting to Landell will be:

  • Chris Pacher, promoted to vice president, New England & Eastern Canada
  • Mike Ghobrial, promoted to regional manager, Southern New England
  • Dave Diaz, promoted to regional manager, Northern New Jersey and vice president, special projects
  • Ray Carini, promoted to vice president, Middle Atlantic
  • Ernie Chance, promoted to vice president, South Atlantic

Based in Minneapolis, Steve Apanian has been promoted to vice president, North Central Region, including Canada’s Prairie Provinces.  Lloyd Mack, working from his Seattle base, has been promoted to vice president, Northwest Region, which includes Western Canada.  Mike Tagaras has been promoted to vice president, South Central Region, based in Dallas.  Bill Whitbred will continue his duties as vice president, Southwest Region, working from his Los Angeles base.

“Each of these leaders has significant experience in rail transit, and they’ve distinguished themselves at LTK through outstanding work on client projects,” Dorshimer added. “I’m confident that these changes will position us to build on LTK’s long tradition of high quality service for our clients across North America.”

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