STM Undertaking Major Repair of Jean-Drapeau Station

Feb. 13, 2015

As of Feb. 15, the Montreal Transit Corp. will undertake major repair of the shrine of the Jean-Drapeau station to upgrade it.

The reconstruction project aims to significantly improve the capacity of the station and optimize the flow of customer traffic, when holding large-scale events. Indeed, the station can accommodate up to seven times more customers during the summer than during the offseason. In addition, work has been somewhat overtaken in order to be ready for the celebrations surrounding the 375th anniversary of Montreal.

Work at the kiosk consist essentially:

  • In the repair and installation of a waterproofing membrane on the slab
  • Replacement of floor finishes at the kiosk and a few corrections of the tiles on the docks
  • The addition of two emergency exits the north and south sides of the station
  • The addition of technical rooms on the waterfront
  • To repairing staircases, fenestration, lighting and technical facilities
  • Replacement of doors butterflies
  • The reorganization of the sales and collection facilities, including installation of two new lodges the East and West sides of the station

This research, funded 75 percent by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, will be completed in February 2016. No stations closure is planned and all the work will be performed during operating hours.However, it will not work in the traffic areas reserved for guests during the summer, since the station knows more traffic at that time. In addition, project phasing will minimize the impact on customers.

Recall that the Jean-Drapeau station is part of the original network of the metro and was commissioned in 1967. It welcomes approximately 1.5 million entrants.