RailComm Completes Phase at JFK Air Train

Feb. 13, 2015

JFK Air Train has increased the number of 3rd rail heaters that are remotely controlled using RailComm technology.

This is part of a multiphase remote heater control project that has allowed JFK Air Train and RailComm to construct a solution without interruption to service.

These heaters are being controlled via RailComm’s DOC System, with communication being handled with a combination of RADiANT and RADiX serial radios. Through the DOC’s graphical user interface, authorized users are able to control the operation of all remotely equipped heaters, as well as monitor the operations of the element. When heating elements present a failed condition, the system generates alarms on the user interface so action can be taken to fix the issue before it affects train movement.

Remotely controlled heating elements allow Air Train to only run its heaters when absolutely necessary. This cuts down on energy cost and helps reduce the time railroad employees must spend along the track.

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