Amtrak Train Days to Celebrate Reasons to Ride

Feb. 11, 2015

In 2015, America's Railroad is launching Amtrak Train Days (ATD) to celebrate with local communities why trains matter and reasons to ride.

Due to the past success of the "National Train Day", Amtrak is expanding its community program from multiple events on a single day to individual events over the course of spring, summer and fall.

Amtrak Train Days will demonstrate why "Trains Matter" by sharing with the local communities we serve the 'reasons to ride' the train. ATD will focus on reaching current and new audiences across America to reinforce the importance, benefits and value of passenger train travel.

ATD will officially kick off on May 9, at Chicago Union Station and then will travel across the country during the summer and fall. ATD celebrations will feature a combination of outreach tools, including a dedicated tour of the Amtrak Exhibit Train in select markets, interactive displays of the Amtrak experience at events sponsored by community organizations, Amtrak employee guest speakers, media and event promotions, and an ATD toolkit to support local community activities.

Communities from across the nation are invited to join in the celebration of passenger train travel by hosting their own ATD events during 2015.