Siscog Named a Top Company

Jan. 30, 2015

Siscog entered 2015 with a positive outlook as it renewed two distinguished titles, one for its outstanding economic and financial performance, another for its superior working environment.

During the SME Excellence 2014 Event, which took place on Jan. 26, and welcomed the Portuguese vice prime minister, the minister of economy, the secretary of state for foreign affairs and cooperation and the secretary of state for innovation, investment and competitiveness, Siscog was once again honoured with the SME Excellence title, having had already received the SME Leader status.

Because this was Siscog’s 5th consecutive year achieving this token of economic stability and dependability, the company also received a merit award, reserved only for 30 companies.

The SME Excellence and Leader distinction is an initiative of IAPMEI, Institute for the Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation, along with the Portuguese Tourism and major banks operating in Portugal that aims at distinguishing companies from different activity sectors for their financial strength and profitability considerably above the national average.

Also for the 5th consecutive year, and regarding human resources, Siscog was honored on Jan. 27, as one of the Best Companies to Work in Portugal.

The company maintained its 4th place in the "Information and Communication" sector ranking and the 13th place in the SME category, achieving the 18th position in the overall ranking. Siscog has therefore consistently landed for the past five years on the top 25 Best Companies to Work overall ranking.

The Best Company to Work is a title granted by Exame magazine in partnership with Accenture who conducted a study that includes an evaluation made by employees regarding different aspects of the company resorting to an extensive and anonymous questionnaire, as well as an analysis about the human capital management practices.

Ernesto Morgado, Siscog’s president, was extremely pleased with both accomplishments, stating that, "In terms of economic and financial strength the company remains stable, which in the current economic context is in itself remarkable. At the same time it is also comforting to know that our employees are satisfied and motivated with the company we have built together. And it is very encouraging to see that we have all the necessary conditions to go even further."