California High-Speed Rail Groundbreaking Jan. 6

Jan. 5, 2015
Official groundbreaking to draw top government officials and business leaders to launch high-speed rail in America.

The US High Speed Rail Association and its entire membership congratulate California Gov. Jerry Brown, the State Legislature, the California High Speed Rail Authority, and all those who've helped deliver this project. California's high speed rail project is the most important step in bringing 21st Century transportation to America.

"This is truly a historic moment in America, where California once again is leading the way," said Andy Kunz, USHSR president & CEO. "High speed rail will transform the nation as dramatically as the internet did. Congratulations to all those involved in this nationally important project."

California high speed rail is a project of national significance as it represents the start of a new era of transportation planning in America. In addition to providing a new high-capacity transportation system, the project will reduce congestion on highways and runways, spur statewide rail modernization, encourage transit-oriented development, revitalize American manufacturing, create new economic development and millions of jobs. High speed rail sets up America to save energy, money, and time - year after year. It delivers a fast and reliable mobility option, it protects the nation from energy price spikes, and increases national security by reducing our dependency on foreign oil.

High speed rail has proven to be the best form of transportation in country after country starting 50 years ago in Japan. Its now in operation in more than 20 countries (including the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan).  HSR is under construction in more than 10 countries (including China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Italy); and in development in another 14 countries (including Qatar, Morocco, Russia, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, India, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil).

The US High Speed Rail Association has advocated for the California high speed rail project for many years - working to build widespread public, business, and political support. The Association's education programs have helped Americans learn about the many benefits high speed rail will offer the country. The Association's national conferences - a number of which have taken place in California - bring together business and political leaders, and the investment and real estate industries.

The California high speed rail project will be one of the main topics at USHSR's upcoming High Speed Rail Conference taking place April 21-23 in Washington, D.C.