MBCR Graduates 17 From Assistant Conductor Program

Aug. 22, 2013
New conductors join proud tradition of providing safe and reliable service.

Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company (MBCR) announced that 17 men and women have earned certification as an assistant conductor, where they will serve as second-in-command to the conductor while working on commuter rail trains in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The graduates join the ranks of a select group that works directly with customers and transportation managers to provide safe and reliable service. The new assistant conductors were formally inducted on Aug. 14, during a ceremony at MBCR’s training facility in Somerville, Mass. MBCR Chief Transportation Officer John Hogan, delivered the keynote address, focusing on the importance of safety and customer service to the MBTA commuter rail system and its customers.

Assistant conductors play an essential role in commuter rail operations, staffing entrances and exits to provide customer safety, working with customers to ensure their well being, and checking trains for any onboard issues. They also collect revenue, tickets, and check passes. All assistant conductors are required to complete an extensive training program in order to earn certification.