Alstom at 8th World Congress & Trade Exhibition on High-Speed Rail

July 11, 2012
At the World Congress & Trade Exhibition on High-Speed Rail, Alstom Transport will be exhibiting at booth No. 507. Three high level executives from Alstom will be giving insightful presentations on the speed and very high-speed rail transport field.

Alstom Transport will be at 8th World Congress & Trade Exhibition on High-Speed Rail from July 10th to 13th, 2012 in Philadelphia. Alstom Transport will exhibit a broad range of products, systems and services for high-speed and very high-speed rail transport at booth No. 507. Alstom will also participate to the World Congress where it will be represented by three high-level executives who will give presentations and take part in discussions in three different panel sessions on July 11th and 12th.

With more than 30 years of experience in HS and VHS trains, Alstom Transport offers seamless integrated solutions and develops the most complete range of products, services, signalling and infrastructure solutions. Furthermore, Alstom’s track record in sound project management coupled with strong expertise in turnkey and public-private partnership projects have reinforced its leading reputation.

At the booth, visitors will have the opportunity to discover Alstom’s complete HS and VHS product line including high speed and very high-speed trains, infrastructures, services and signalling. Among the very high-speed trains mock-up exposed, there will be AGV and Euroduplex. Designed to run at 360 km/h, AGV is the only VHS train in the world to combine articulated architecture with distributed power. Euroduplex, the other VHS exposed train, is the world first VHS double-deck train. This train is based on the articulated trainset model and concentrates power systems. The High-Speed train Pendolino mock-up will also be exposed. Designed to run on existing networks, this train can maintain its high speed even on curves, thanks to the tilting technology developed by Alstom.

High-Speed rail requires safety and control. Atlas, the first ERTMS-compatible technology on High-Speed lines will also be presented at Alstom’s booth. This signalling solution is the most complete on-board and ground control solution. Among services that Alstom will be exposing, there will be Traintracer, which provides remote monitoring and real-time downloading of a train’s location, operational status, events and potential fault conditions; as well as Partfolio, the interactive illustrative catalog which allows operators to easily and rapidly order spare parts.

At the booth, visitors will discover movies that are displaying Alstom HS and VHS products line as well as a special edition on Alstom’s recent success story: the AGV .italo, owned by the private Italian operator NVT, who recently launched into commercial service.

On Wednesday July 11th, François Lacôte, SVP Technical, will speak at the panel entitled 'Signalling & Traffic Management' to be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in room A. François will explain how to boost performances of High-Speed lines with ERTMS, especially with the Alstom's solution called ATLAS.

On Thursday July 12th, Christian Messelyn, Transport Global Solutions Strategy Vice-President will take part in the panel 'Economy & Finance 1' to be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 pm, in room C. His presentation will be focused on public and private partnership (PPP) and will demonstrate how this financing solution is innovative and efficient. In the same time slot, Bruno Marguet, SVP Product Strategy Rolling Stock, will speak at the session entitled 'Rolling Stock 2 – Design & Manufacturing 2' in room D. His presentation will set out the state of the art & the perspectives of the VHS market.