Aqua Clean helps provide steadier rail transport

July 5, 2012
Achieved through better cleaning of wheel sets and bogies.

The Finnish company Aqua Clean Ltd designs and manufactures high-end industrial cleaners for rail transport maintenance. All over the world, fleets of trains, metros and trams are burdened by extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental factors. Systematic cleaning keeps engines and carriages rolling longer.

Aqua Clean provides rail companies with uncompromising project management. Besides offering careful and extensive documentation, Aqua Clean takes full responsibility for technical quality, service offering and cleaning result. And all this is available at a competitive price.

20 years of global experience

For two decades, they have delivered cleaners to clients who transport passengers and goods in demanding conditions. The business may be in the frosty climate of the Nordic countries or in the dusty and hot regions of Asia and Africa. It means designing the right solution for each client.

Aqua Clean machines compete by offering ambitious technical features such as state-of-the-art filtering systems, lower washing temperatures, oscillating shower piping and stainless steel structure and surfaces. These features reduce service downtime and energy consumption as well as improve washing result and extend the machine’s lifetime.

Aqua Clean supplies rail transport regularly with cleaners. As the latest delivery in early 2012, Aqua Clean designed and manufactured a set of cabinet cleaners for SweMaint’s freight train service.