Danella Rental Systems acquires Aspen Equipment rental division

March 10, 2020
The move expands Danella's customer footprint and both companies expressed a commitment to ensuring a smooth transition.
Danella Rental Systems, Inc., based in Plymouth Meeting, Penn., has acquired Aspen Equipment Company’s rental division. For more than 40 years, Danella has been the railroad industry’s leading source of hi-rail vehicles and construction rental equipment. Similarly, Aspen Equipment Company, based in Minneapolis, Minn., has four decades in the railroad industry building high quality hi-rail vehicles. Aspen Equipment will remain in the industry, focusing their resources on the production and service of new railroad truck equipment.

In a statement regarding the acquisition, Aspen said its had decided to focus its resources and energies on the production and service of new railroad truck equipment. 

"Our goal is to maximize the impact we have with our customers by deploying our resources where they provide the most value. As such, we have decided to find a partner to acquire our rental fleet of rail truck equipment in order to redeploy those assets toward production, sales and service," Aspen said. 

Danella Rental Systems offers trucks and equipment for railroads, transit authorities, utilities, and construction companies throughout the United States and Canada. By acquiring the Aspen rental equipment division, Danella expands its customer footprint. Danella says it looks forward to working with Aspen to better serve the railroad industry.

As of March 1, 2020, Danella has acquired all railroad rental equipment and assumed the rental contracts. Danella and Aspen will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition period for all rental customers.