Aldon introduces new product

Feb. 4, 2021
The new SWITCH CHECKER which teaches workers how to correctly read switch points.

Aldon Company has introduced its new SWITCH CHECKER, a pocket-sized card which teaches workers how to correctly read switch points and thus avoid confusion about switch alignment. Switch lining errors at the least send a train down the wrong track but can also cause damage to switch gearing, or even cause a derailment.

SWITCH CHECKER consists of a two-sided waterproof card depicting Facing Point views for a Left-Hand Turnout and a Right-Hand Turnout and Trailing Point views of both switches. A lenticular lens holds a double image which shows the movement of the points when the switch is lined for the main track and for the side track. When the card is tilted up or down, the alignment view changes. In each view, a green or red arrow indicates which track the train will take.

SWITCH CHECKER enables a worker to confirm that the switch is correctly lined for the intended train movement. Use of SWITCH CHECKER can also help prevent damaging Trailing Point run throughs.

SWITCH CHECKER will be available in early 2021.