MacAllister Railroad Machinery named distributor of Gradall Machines

April 2, 2020
The Gradall TrackStar Railway Maintenance Machines can be used on a range of maintenance and construction jobs.

MacAllister Railroad Machinery has been named an authorized distributor by Gradall Industries, Inc., for Gradall TrackStar Railway Maintenance Machines as well as factory-authorized parts and services.  

MacAllister, an Indiana-based family-owned company, has technical knowledge and experience involving railroad-specific equipment, resulting in sales, lease and product support services. 

“The company reaches into 23 states, covering most of the eastern half of the U.S., which has given it in-depth knowledge and contacts throughout the nation’s rail industry,” said John Bridgeman, industrial account manager for Gradall Industries with a focus on the rail industry. 

Gradall TrackStar Railway Maintenance Machines handles a range of maintenance and construction jobs for railroads, municipal railways, city transit systems and others involved in rail construction, repair and right-of-way work.  TrackStar models are distinguished by their low-profile and use telescoping. With a 220-degree full boom tilt capability, Gradall machines can use a range of attachments to build and repair rail crossings, clean up landslides, replace rails, spread ballast and cut back overhanging trees and other vegetation.  For more attachment positioning versatility, Gradall offers an optional hydraulic coupler on TrackStar models with 360-degree continuous attachment rotation and an extra 110 degrees of tilt motion, enabling operators to position attachments with more precision and in more locations. 

The new coupler also accommodates a range of attachments designed for railway maintenance efficiency, which can be changed hydraulically from the operator cab.  The Gradall carrier’s short rear tail swing and low-profile telescoping boom create a compact profile, allowing Gradall machines to work under bridges and inside tunnels where knuckle booms won’t fit.  The diversified rail gear system uses guides to position the carrier over the tracks and then uses the carrier’s wheels for mobility. The machines have the security of automatic digging brakes, as well as stability to work at both sides of the track without the need for outriggers.  

Gradall offers TrackStar models in various sizes and capacities, designed in two chassis styles to meet varying off-rail mobility needs: 

  • Highway speed models (XL 4130V and XL 5130V) can be driven over paved roads at 60 mph, without the need for a lowboy trailer. This enables them to get to rail crossings quickly and then back to the safety of the equipment yard at night. 
  • On/off pavement models (XL 3330V and XL 4330V) travel over pavement and rails at speeds up to 20 mph, enabling them to get on and off track faster. 

A host of standard operator cab features include air conditioning, removable front window, a large adjustable seating module and a switch to select Gradall, SAE or Deere joystick patterns. Highway speed carrier advantages include an automatic transmission. 

TrackStar machines use a single Volvo Penta Tier 4f engine, with easy-to-access routine service locations.