TEXRail adds first female engineer

Nov. 18, 2021
Amy Anderson began as a conductor on TEXRail before becoming an engineer in November 2021.

Amy Anderson will be operating TEXRail trains as the railroad’s first female engineer. Anderson, who started her transit career as a conductor before becoming an engineer in November 2021, cited her experience and the chance for great responsibility as reasons for making the career move.

“While working at TEXRail, I realized there were no female engineers, and I made it my goal to become the first,” said Anderson. “As I gained more experience as a conductor, my list of reasons for wanting this position became longer.”

Jon-Erik Arjanen, vice president and chief operating officer for rail at Trinity Metro, also noted most railroad engineers are male and praised Anderson for taking initiative to pursue her goal.

“She’s a trendsetter for our industry. Amy’s promotion to engineer perfectly aligns with our vision of an inclusive workplace,” said Arjanen.

“Every train has two crew members: the conductor and the engineer. The two work as a checks-and-balances system. As an engineer, you are typically the more seasoned of the crew members,” Anderson said. “You take on a role of leadership, teaching and you are required to use your best judgment and skills to safely get passengers to their destinations. I was ready for the responsibility that comes with the position, and I am thankful to be given this opportunity.”

To train for the engineer role, Anderson completed 40 hours of classroom training and 180 hours at the controls.

Doug Bourne, general manager with Herzog Transit Services, Inc., believes Anderson’s move to engineer could have positive ripple effects within the rail industry.

“Amy has shown what can be achieved with determination and a strong work ethic. She serves as an example to others, and I believe her new role could generate more interest among women wanting to become railroad engineers,” said Bourne.

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