June Product Feature: Rail Interior

June 6, 2017
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USSC Group


USSC G2M rail and locomotive operator seats are ergonomically designed to help reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. G2M seats have a long lasting life cycle due to their sturdy working components and durable upholstery materials. G2M seats are equipped with the industry’s most advanced safety and comfort features and are built to last.

Rick Klotz, [email protected]


Freedman Seating Company

LRV Passenger Seating

The fiberglass construction offers a lightweight, durable solution to passenger seating needs. Bench-style seats designed for longitudinal and/or transverse positions. Available in any color to meet brand specifications.

Steve Orzech, Jr., [email protected]



Altro Transflor Momentum

Altro Transflor Momentum has been developed to keep your passengers safe. This product meets fire, smoke and toxicity requirements, and has all the properties you’d expect from Altro Transflor safety flooring, like sustained slip resistance and excellent durability. Altro Transflor Momentum is strong, yet flexible enough to fit into small or awkward spaces. Altro's secret is a lightweight vinyl/acrylate formulation with added silicon carbide for long-term durability and a fleece backing that aids bonding for a welded, impervious system.

[email protected]


Sekisui SPI

Kydex 2200LT

Kydex 2200LT is a high performance, proprietary thermoplastic sheet designed for rail interior applications where SMP800C or BSS7239 compliance is required. It is a cost-effective alternative to FRP with the additional benefit of weight savings. It meets the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) requirements for smoke emission and flammability as tested under ASTM E-662 and ASTM E-162, as well as toxicity criteria defined by SMP800C and BSS7239. It is available as flat sheet in multiple gauges and a wide variety of colors. Options include uncapped or capped with clear or decorative film.

Beth Larson, [email protected]



Series 56

Behind the lens of these pushbuttons is a snap-action switching system that guards itself from excessive force and damage. A halo of LEDs can also be fitted around the lens for operation in dimly lit environments or simply to add more end-user emphasis. Among the Series 56 range are single/double-sided-pushbuttons and indicators; a pushbutton that mounts without the need for fixing screws; a glass-mounting pushbutton; secret-until-lit indicators; and pushbuttons with Braille and raised symbols.

Dan DiGioia, [email protected]


Palram Americas

Palgard TG - Transportation Grade Polycarbonate Sheet

Palgard TG Polycarbonate offers optically clear, impact-resistant glazing for rail car applications, and is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily service in the rail industry, including vandalism. Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection system, Palgard TG is designed for high optical quality and durability. It features an advanced surface coating that provides extraordinary chemical and abrasion resistance. Palgard meets stringent FRA requirements for impact, ballistic and flammability performance. Budgets can be made or broken by unplanned maintenance and replacement. Palgard TG helps to reduce costs and improve in-service availability of railcars.

Joe Denlinger, [email protected]


Southco Inc.

E3 VISE Action Compression Latch

The compact E3 Compression Latch combines high strength with a smaller design footprint for secure, vibration resistant latching in even the most challenging operating environments. This line extension offers a 33 to 40 percent reduction in housing, allowing it to fit easily into enclosures with interior space constraints. With its reduced size, the compact E3 Compression Latch provides secure latching for high vibration environments and delivers the strength necessary to compress gasketing, making it an ideal choice for rugged and heavy use applications. The E3 line is used widely in transportation applications like passenger and light rail to secure service panels.

Gina Masciantonio, [email protected]


Advantech B+B SmartWorx

EN50155 Certified L2 Ethernet Managed Switch

EKI-9512P M12 Managed Ethernet Switch is designed for railway applications, including rolling stock. EKI-9512P switch uses M12 connectors to ensure tight, robust connections, and to guarantee reliable operation against environmental disturbances, such as vibration and shock. EKI-9512P provides 12 Gigabit Ethernet M12 ports with 8 IEEE 802.3at/af compliant PoE /PoE ports

Ken Kao, [email protected]



IP69K Series 14 Indicator Compact

This new addition to the Series 14 line of products features high-intensity, homogenous LED illumination with 180 degree all-around visibility in a compact, space-saving design. These units provide safe and reliable status indication for use in a variety of applications within rail interior applications. With a minimal back panel depth of just 9.5 millimeter, a small outer diameter of 33.5 millimeter and a polyamide seal, these units function reliably in confined spaces. Additionally, installation is made easy with connectivity through push-in-terminals (PIT). 

Dan DiGioia, [email protected]