April/May In Brief

May 2, 2017

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National View:

U.S. Cities with Bike-Share Systems

A proportional symbol map that shows U.S. cities with bike-share systems and the number of bike-share stations within each system, as of October 2016.


Credit: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Statistics


America’s Infrastructure Report Card 2017

Aviation D
Bridges C+
Energy D+
Ports C+
Rail B
Roads D
Transit D-



Warm Springs Extension

Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART) long-awaited Warm Springs Extension opened for service Saturday, March 25. The $890 million Warm Springs Extension, which connects the new station with the 45-year-old Fremont station, comes in at more than $100 million under budget. In addition to serving a fast-growing community, the opening of the new station paves the way for BART to Silicon Valley, a 10-mile Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority project that’s under construction and expected to open for service later this year. More information at masstransitmag.com/12323474.


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Long-term transit commitments take shape in federal budget #Budget2017 #cdnpoli iz5.me/gKZdU1

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#ICYMI:This #Swedish ad perfectly mocks the hype around #selfdriving cars #Västtrafik #STHLMTECH http://mashable.com/2017/03/28/swedish-bus-ad-self-driving-cars/#Av1h1ESV8mqh

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Cyber Security panel at #APTAtransITech17 #APTArevenue17 agree that agencies should look to outsource non-core activities such as payments.