June Product Feature: Rail Components and Technology

June 9, 2016

Captron Electronic GmbH

Capacitive SENSORswitches

Highly customizable and vandalism-proof sensor switches for various application areas, including but not limited to driver dashboard panels, stop request systems and entrance doors systems. The switches are easy to activate by touch and are IP69K and IK08 rated. The switches are capable of more than 100 Mio operation cycles and are designed to be indestructible.

Mike Slugocki and David Barrett, [email protected]



Contact Power Rail

TransTech produces contact power rail and system components, producing both stainless steel capped aluminum third rail and the traditional third rail with aluminum bolted to the web. TransTech’s stainless steel capped aluminum rail combines the conductivity and lighter weight of aluminum with the strength and durability of a welded stainless steel cap that allows for a third rail that is more conductive, demonstrates less resistance, and is stronger and lighter than legacy third rail solutions.

Steven Halbert, [email protected]


Palram Americas

Palgard TG

Palgard TG Polycarbonate offers optically clear, impact-resistant glazing for rail car applications and is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily service in the rail industry, including vandalism. Palgard TG features an advanced surface coating that provides extraordinary chemical and abrasion resistance. Palgard meets stringent U.S. Federal Railroad Administration requirements for impact, ballistic and flammability performance. Budgets can be made or broken by unplanned maintenance and replacement. Palgard TG helps to reduce costs and improve in-service availability of railcars.

Joe Denlinger, [email protected]



SLEC Heavy Duty Mobile Lifts

All lift designs feature a self-locking load nut design which cannot spiral down or creep as it is guaranteed self-locking. SLEC uses a touch-screen control screen which is the home base for lift operation as well as providing operational data to the operator to enhance operator safety and lift status. All SLEC’s products are backed up by the company’s factory trained and employed service technicians whose sole responsibility is to take care of customers.

Allister Collings, [email protected]


Penn Machine Company

Resilient Wheels

Resilient Wheels offer noise and vibration damping properties while reducing unsprung mass, improving ride quality and minimizing track wear. Among Resilient Wheels’ key features are rubber blocks or ring elements with precisely controlled elasticity and external shunts which provide conductivity around the rubber elements. The divided wheel body facilitates dismantling and refitting of the wheel tire and can be performed under the vehicle in some situations, saving substantial time and costs. At the end of the lifecycle, only the tire and rubber blocks need to be replaced.

Dan Marks, [email protected]



Interior Fabrics

Camira’s in-house design team work in close partnership with professional design houses and rail operators to create the most appropriate solution not only in terms of color and appearance, but also in relation to meeting specific technical requirements. Most notably, flammability performance. Capability spans plush moquette, wire woven moquette and high endurance flat-cloths for seats, as well as ancillary fabrics, leathers and vinyls for other interior decoration, such as wall sides and luggage racks.

James Newton, [email protected]


Koppers Inc.

Short Angle Projection (SAP) Bonded Insulated Rail Joint  

The SAPTM Joint design increases longitudinal joint strength while reducing epoxy shear stress, reduces noise and vibration, and provides a smooth wheel transition from one rail to the other rail. Staggered end post halves connected with a short angle cut rail head profile, eliminate wheels traversing the conventional 90 degree end post gap, thereby eliminating joint shock loads and eventual rail end batter.

Patrick Boario, [email protected]


Bach-Simpson, A Wabtec Company

Bench Test Equipment

Bach-Simpson Automated Bench Test Equipment (BTE) provides a combination of automatically sequenced and manually selected electrical signal stimulation to an electronic unit under test. The system simulates the normal and threshold operational ranges of each of the inputs and communication channels of the test unit. The BTE utilizes an electronic control system based on a PC mounted inside a ruggedized portable "rack" enclosure, with a touch-screen interface to allow the user to select appropriate testing procedures.

Gaurav Thakore, [email protected]


L.B. Foster

KelTrack Top of Rail Friction Modifier

Short pitch wave corrugations on mass transit systems, characterized as a regular wave structure on top of rail in curve or tangent track, can be difficult to mitigate. L.B. Foster Rail Technologies has proven corrugation mitigation using its KelTrack Top of Rail Friction Modifiers applied using its Protector IV trackside application system. The KelTrack product was demonstrated to reduce the rate of corrugation growth by a factor of 8 to 11 times. In most cases there were little or no new corrugations when KelTrack was applied on sites that formed corrugations rapidly under baseline conditions.

Walt Mizia, [email protected]


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