ameriTRAM Arrives at the APTA Expo 2011

Oct. 4, 2011
New Kinkisharyo low-floor streetcar powered by e-Brid propulsion technology

Kinkisharyo drove the ameriTRAM streetcar into APTA Expo 2011. The ameriTRAM is a 100 percent low-floor streetcar powered by e-Brid, a propulsion technology that enables operation powered by overhead centenary or on-board lithium-ion batteries.  

The streetcars can run for five miles on battery power technology, in lieu of relying solely on overhead centenary wires, explained Bill Kleppinger, program management and business development for Kinkisharyo. When the car goes into braking, that power is used to recharge the batteries, he said.

E-Brid technology makes this streetcar a safer, more environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing mode of transportation in urban and/or historic districts. “If there’s sensitivity to the centenary in certain areas, you don’t have to use it,” Kleppinger said.

The ameriTRAM with e-Brid eliminates harmful greenhouse gas emissions and relies on less power, as well as saving tens-of-millions of dollars in capital construction costs.   

The cars have 28 seats; however Kleppinger explained that it can be configured differently depending on what a particular customer wants. In addition, bike racks can be added if desired. “We really excites us about the car is its adaptability,” he said.

The ameriTRAM is designed to meet all North American requirements, which Kleppinger said is unique for a low floor streetcar. In addition, it also meets Buy America, with the cars typically being built where they were purchased. “In Phoenix, we did final assembly in the agency maintenance bay. The core group we brought in became the maintenance crew,” commented Kleppinger.

Kinnkisharyo’s exhibit enables city and transit authorities to tour the vehicle and discuss modern streetcar options for their cities.

Visit Kinkisharyo at Booth 5732.