Norgren Exhibits New Technologies

Oct. 4, 2011
Company displays operating ADA-compliant internal door, a new dryer for air brakes and a host of rail-specific motion and fluid control products and systems.

Norgren Inc., a leader in motion and fluid control, is displaying several examples of their Engineering Advantage capabilities.

The Norgren exhibit features an operating ADA-compliant internal door with obstacle detection. Norgren manufactures doors and door actuators in the United States to meet Buy America requirements. Norgren both sells components for in-house door refurbishment and offers full refurbishing services at their Littleton, Colo. facility.

Norgren engineers designed a lightweight aluminum electric actuator with a programmable controller so the door opening speed and force can be set according to the customer's requirement. It can also detect obstructions and lock the door open in the case of power failure.

The Norgren door system is currently being used in 14,000 high-speed trains globally, mainly in Europe.

Also on display is a lightweight air dryer based on new absorbent technology that resists vibration, eliminates clay dust contamination, can be completely saturated without damage and reduces energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

According to Mark Densley, business development manager, the new absorbent technology can last up to to five years, compared with the 18 months necessary for replacement with clay beads-based dryer systems. The new Norgren air dryer systems are currently in the early stages of testing in Austrailia and Germany.

Norgren’s Railine components, validated to meet rail requirements for extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and wide voltage tolerances will also be exhibited and attendees may pick up the 400-page Railine catalog or a DVD copy. 

Visit Norgren at Booth 4551.