Adams County, Colo., awarded short trip solutions grant

May 22, 2024
Adams County will utilize grant funds to support the Enhancing Short Trips in Adams County project, which aims to identify and address gaps in short-trip transportation.

The Adams County Public Works team has been awarded the Colorado Energy Office Community Accelerated Mobility Grant, totaling at $75,000. This amount will be matched with $25,000 from the county, bringing the total project budget to $100,000. The funding will support an initiative to enhance short-trip solutions in Adams County.

The project, titled Enhancing Short Trips in Adams County, aims to identify and address gaps in short-trip transportation, create a detailed implementation blueprint and provide recommendations for integrating electric shared fleets into existing county processes.

“This grant will significantly advance our efforts to improve transportation options and sustainability in Adams County,” said Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair Emma Pinter. “We are grateful to the Colorado Energy Office for their support and look forward to implementing these innovative solutions to enhance mobility for our residents.”

The primary goals of the project include:

  1. Development of a short-trip toolbox: The comprehensive toolbox will evaluate various short-trip solutions, such as shared electric micro mobility fleets and micro transit. Decision makers will receive tailored options that consider factors like population density, land use and transportation demand. The toolbox will include use cases, implementation guidance, cost expectations and procurement steps for each solution
  2. Short-trip needs assessment: The project will conduct a thorough assessment to identify the community's short-trip needs. This assessment will combine quantitative data analysis with qualitative community engagement to provide a holistic understanding of the transportation requirements in unincorporated Adams County.
  3. Implementation plan: The project will develop three types of implementation recommendations:
    • Pecos pilot technical readiness plan: This plan will detail the steps, timelines, costs and partner responsibilities needed to execute a pilot program for a shared electric fleet along Pecos Street from 84th Ave. to 62nd Ave. The needs assessment will inform the plan, ensuring community concerns and desires are addressed. Adams County notes that while Pecos Street is a priority corridor in the Adams County 2022 Transportation Master Plan, alternate pilot locations will be considered if the assessment indicates a lack of community support.
    • Integration recommendations: These recommendations will suggest process improvements to include considerations for electric shared fleets in Adams County's multimodal studies and capital projects.
    • Collaboration recommendations: The project will also provide recommendations on how to partner with neighboring areas to leverage the programs effectively.