Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board greenlights three projects within NVTC’s Commuter Choice program

Oct. 21, 2021
The three projects improve connections and incentivize the use of transit and vanpooling through the I-66 Inside the Beltway Corridor.
Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
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Three projects included in the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission’s (NVTC) Commuter Choice program received final approval from the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB). NVTC says the $5.8 million investment in the projects will move an additional 500 people through the I-66 corridor every day by offering new transit services and new commuter incentives.

The projects improve connections between five activity centers in Virginia and the District of Columbia and expand the options and incentives for commuters into and through the I-66 Inside the Beltway Corridor to return to transit and vanpooling. They were selected through a competitive application process and include:

I-66 corridor vanpool parking benefit | OmniRide | $85,000

This project supports a new transportation demand management (TDM) strategy to encourage vanpooling by offsetting expensive parking rates in major employment areas. The Vanpool Alliance plans to provide a $200-a-month incentive payment to newly formed, eligible vanpools that travel along the I-66 Corridor into Arlington and Washington, D.C. The grant would support the TDM strategy for up to two years.

New bus service from Reston South to Crystal City | Fairfax County | $5,110,800

Commuter Choice funding would support two years of operating costs for express bus service between the Reston South Park and Ride lot and employment areas in Arlington, namely the Pentagon, Pentagon City and Crystal City. Funds would also support the purchase of six buses to operate the 10 morning and 10 evening peak direction trips.

Fare buy down on bus service from Reston North to Crystal City | Fairfax County | $154,500

This project supports a TDM strategy to subsidize the fare of the Fairfax Connector express bus service between the Reston North Park and Ride and several stops in Arlington County, including the Pentagon, Pentagon City and Crystal City. The fare for this route is currently $7.50. Commuter Choice funds would reduce the fare to $4.25, aligning the value with other express bus services offered by Fairfax Connector.

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