Advisory committee recommends $211 million in public transit investments ready for Oregon Transportation Commission

April 13, 2021
Funding for projects in three different public transportation programs will go before the commission at it May meeting.

The Public Transportation Advisory Committee is sending 119 projects totaling more than $211 million to the Oregon Transportation Commission for final approval.

The recommended projects, which include new buses, improved inter-city connections and expanded medical rides, come from three different programs: the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund Formula; Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund Discretionary and Statewide Transit Network; and Federal Transit Administration Section 5304 Statewide Planning. The commission will make final funding decisions at its May meeting.

Public transportation programs are key contributors to all three of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Strategic Action Plan priorities of equity, a modern transportation system and sufficient and reliable funding. These programs support multimodal transportation, helping communities offer options to driving a vehicle, and they also help reduce congestion by improving public transportation, both within cities and between them.

Here is a breakdown of the recommended funding for fiscal year 2021-23 in these programs:

  • The 2021-23 STIF Plans for Formula Funds - $188,175,467
  • The STIF Discretionary and Statewide Transit Network Fund programs - $22,613,596
  • The 5304 Statewide Transportation Planning Grant Program - $1,014,424

Information about these and other active and public transportation programs is available on the STIF Project website.