National Transit Database releases statistics for top 50 transit systems nationwide

Jan. 19, 2021
RTC of Southern Nevada ranked as the number one most cost efficient bus-only transit system according to the NTD.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada is among the top 50 transit systems by number of transit rides in the United States, and according to data from the National Transit Database (NTD), the RTC ranks number one as the most cost efficient bus-only system in the country.

The NTD publishes annual transit system statistics which include fare revenue, operating costs, ridership and fare subsidy. Since 2012, the RTC has had the lowest cost per ride for seven of eight years, and the lowest taxpayer subsidy every year, for the top 50 bus-only systems. 

“As many of our community face health and financial challenges with COVID-19, we are particularly pleased with the fact that the RTC has been able to make the most of our community’s valuable resources to serve Southern Nevada,” said Debra March, city of Henderson mayor and RTC chairwoman. “We recognize the great responsibility that is ours as stewards of public dollars, and we remain committed to providing public transportation to our community as efficiently as possible.” 

When compared to the NTD top 50 bus-only systems across the country, the RTC uses fewer tax dollars per transit ride and operates at an overall lower cost per trip than any other agency. More information and detailed reporting is available on NTD's website.