Cincinnati Metro awarded $3.2 million in ODOT grants to update technology and enhance customer experience

Aug. 27, 2020
The grants will help the system provide Wi-Fi on all buses, a new security video solution, improved real-time bus information and more.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has awarded a $3.2-million grant to Cincinnati Metro to provide customers access to free Wi-Fi, enhanced on-board security and other improved customer amenities.

The grants are provided through ODOT’s 2021 Ohio Transit Partnership Program (OTP2), which awarded more than $30 million in competitive grants to 37 Ohio public transit agencies. Fifty-four transit agencies submitted more than $115 million in requests for state Fiscal Year 2021.

“This is a highly competitive grant program and we’re excited and thankful that these funds have come to Greater Cincinnati,” said Darryl Haley, Cincinnati Metro CEO and general manager. “These grants will greatly increase Metro's ability to advance several key projects, including updating our technologies and providing enhanced amenities, as well as safety features that will improve our customers’ experience as we continue working to reinvent our service for the future.” 

Cincinnati Metro received $2 million to be used toward the modernization of fleet communications, including enabling passenger Wi-Fi across the remainder of the fleet, improved real-time bus location information and signage and new security features such as wireless video uploading and real-time camera look-ins. Additionally, $780,000 was awarded to invest in alternative fueling strategies that will enable Cincinnati Metro to move towards becoming a more environmentally friendly transit system, and $480,000 to assist with further analyzation and implementation of the Reinventing Metro plan, including conducting public outreach and making adjustments to route alignments, bus stop locations and schedules.