RATP DEV USA appoints new CEO

April 2, 2020
Arnaud Legrand has been chosen for the position. 

Arnaud Legrand has been appointed as CEO of RATP DEV USA. 

“I am delighted that Arnaud Legrand has joined RATP Dev USA’s team,” said Mehdi Sinaceur, RATP Dev’s senior vice president – Americas, South Africa, United Kingdom Business Unit. “With over 20 years of international experience in the transport sector and more than 10 years at RATP Group, Arnaud brings RATP Dev USA his proven leadership and the highest standards of performance to take our teams and operations to an even higher level.”  

Legrand, former CEO of Bombela Operation Company (BOC), brings with him an impressive scope of operational and managerial expertise. He directed technical teams and projects for 21 years in complex transit operations, such as railway tests and aeronautical maintenance. During his time in the aeronautical and railway industries, his career was bolstered by international influences; he commissioned and developed international industrial partnerships. Arnaud Legrand joined RATP Group in 2008 as the deputy general manager of RER B, one of Paris’ regional trains, completing over 165 million journeys per year. In 2010, he was named RATP Dev’s executive vice president for Africa and America, deputy to the executive vice president for Africa and America within RATP Dev, which at the time, managed more than 80 transport operating companies. In 2013, he was appointed CEO of RATP Dev’s subsidiary (BOC) in Johannesburg, South Africa, leading the operations and maintenance of the Gautrain Transport System.  

Arnaud Legrand is an experienced transportation business leader with demonstrated project management skills and outstanding industrial and technical background.  

“I am very excited to continue to contribute to RATP Dev worldwide efforts in serving our clients and passengers,” Legrand said. The present time reminds us, if needed, how essential and challenging our job is to ensure safe and performant transit operations. I am proud to join and lead the U.S. team, of which professionalism, engagement and dedication are values I particularly share.”  

Legrand will operate from RATP Dev USA’s corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.