REI expands Omaha engineering and manufacturing to second location

Sept. 25, 2019
The new office space will be used to accommodate the sales and marketing teams.

REI has announced its expansion to a 15,000-square-foot office space located at 11128 John Galt Boulevard in Omaha, Nebr., which will be used to accommodate the sales and marketing teams 

To date, REI’s sole Omaha location was its 180,000-square-foot headquarters and production facility at 6534 L Street. 

“REI’s success is reliant on innovation, quality and exceptional customer support. For us to exceed the needs of new and existing customers even further, the decision was made to devote more space to engineering and manufacturing at our headquarters,” said REI President Scott Hays. “This prompted the need for additional sales and marketing office space. The new, open and modern workspace is conducive to collaboration between these two teams which will ultimately lead us to be even more responsive to our customers.” 

Beyond its expansion to new office space, REI is currently renovating its L Street headquarters. The project is expected to take several months and will impact all corners of the building. 

“Expectations of REI products, solutions and services are extremely high. The expansion will ensure that we maintain our competitive edge in everything from innovation to manufacturing to service," Hays added. “Our experienced teams of on-site engineers design solutions that improve efficiencies, create safer environments and boost passenger experiences. REI prides itself in being a complete solutions provider for customers around the world.” 

In addition to its Omaha locations, REI operates a 15,000-square-foot, lite manufacturing facility in São Paulo, Brazil. Its staff of 35 supplies electronic solutions to countries throughout Latin America.