Announcing Transit Unplugged, a New, Public Transit Podcast to Enable Learning from Top Transit Professionals

Nov. 20, 2017
Transit Unplugged, a new podcast launching today, provides a unique opportunity to gain insights directly from chief executives of North America’s top transit systems and companies.

Transit mobility has a road of transformation ahead of it and learning from top executives pushes the ability to affect real change. Transit Unplugged shares creative ideas to solve challenges and the latest in transit technology to help define what transit mobility truly means.

“Transit Unplugged provides an opportunity for those who work in the public transit industry to hear directly from the top CEOs in our business and why they think transit mobility has the potential to revolutionize our cities and communities for the betterment of our riders. The CEOs’ life stories inspire, their current operations and challenges give us ideas on how to approach similar issues, and the discussion of future transit trends help us prepare for tomorrow,” said Paul Comfort, VP of business development, Trapeze Group and host of Transit Unplugged.

Powered by Trapeze Group, new episodes of Transit Unplugged release on a twice-monthly schedule. Listeners can subscribe on iTunes or Google Play, or online. Each episode focuses on a transit professional’s journey to their current role and gives them the opportunity to share stories, challenges, and successes of their agency.

The first two episodes of Transit Unplugged are available today. Episode one features Bill Carpenter from Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, where he talks about RTS’s 35 percent cost recovery method. Episode two features J. Roger Morton from Oahu Transit Services, Inc. and discusses the unique challenges of providing transit to an island and their new, elevated rail system.