The TMA Group’s Stanton Higgs Awarded State Recognition by Tennessee Public Transportation Association

Oct. 30, 2017
The Transportation Management Association Group’s Stanton Higgs, Director of Business Development and Operations was named 2017 Urban Executive of the Year.

At the recent annual Tennessee Public Transportation Association conference held in Nashville, Tennessee, The Transportation Management Association Group’s Stanton Higgs, director of business development and operations was named 2017 Urban Executive of the Year.

His outstanding skills in leadership, management, transportation, and employee interaction were applauded. Higgs believes that the quality in the level of service an entity provides is directly related to the quality of its employees and the quality of the relationships it maintains with other entities, locally, statewide and nationally.

TMA Chairman of the Board Glenn McGehee shared: “Leveraging the strength of fellow team members is one of Stanton’s greatest assets. Sharing his wealth of transportation experience, he daily fosters collaboration which results in TMA providing strong and growing transportation programs serving Franklin and the Middle Tennessee region.”

“Stanton’s dedicated work ethic and positive character are the core benchmarks of his leadership. Daily he leads by example, illustrating his commitment to serving Tennessee’s public transportation community. Stanton is most deserving of this outstanding recognition” stated Debbie Henry, executive director of The TMA Group.

The Tennessee Public Transportation is composed of Tennessee’s urban and rural transportation systems. The transportation providers are dedicated to promoting excellence in transportation by: increasing public transportation use; securing adequate funding; encouraging best practices among members; and disseminating research and information to customers and officials.